Survey for Offshore Renewables

Every month we will focus on a specific theme, featuring a selection of articles which have previously been published in Hydro International magazine. By including a mix of older and more recent articles, we will present a complete recap of the subject. Furthermore, we will be bringing you a bi-weekly round-up of ‘Focus Stories’ related to the theme through our newsletter (sign up here). The theme for September 2016 is:

Survey for Renewables

This topic is of increasing interest for hydrographic surveyors as renewable energy is to take a bigger share in the energy mix. We already know of the potential of pre-construction and maintenance survey wind farms – you also can see tidal and wave energy are gaining importance.

Survey for Offshore Renewables

Seizing Energy from Water

At least 10% of the Dutch electricity demand can be met from water, according to the Inspiration Atlas ‘Water as a source of renewable energy’. This is not widely known. In fact, this form of energy generation is one of the best-kept... (read more)

Surveying for Offshore Wind

Many giants are drilling for oil and gas: the gold of the sea. Since the beginning of the new millennium, however, a new kind of energy potential of the sea has been discovered: wind energy. The fastest way to create substantial amounts of this green... (read more)

Renewables Offer our Biggest Opportunity

The biggest challenge for hydrography lies in surveying the Arctic seas, and the biggest opportunity for the industry lies in renewables like offshore wind energy and gas hydrates. Klaas Wester, CEO at Fugro, is optimistic about the future; the econo... (read more)

"Lack of Understanding of Turbulence Remains a Hurdle"

Renewable energy is ‘hot’ these days. Many people think of wind farms on the horizon when they think of marine renewable energy. Marine energy can manifest itself in more shapes, including tidal and wave energy. These are more specific to... (read more)

BlueTEC Texel

Traditional solutions for generating electricity from the tides, where tidal turbines are installed on the seabed, require high-end offshore installation vessels and do not allow for easy access for maintenance. The BlueTEC floating tidal energy plat... (read more)

Current Profiling Advances Improve Tidal Energy’s Competitiveness

The rapid growth of interest in tidal energy has highlighted the role of current profilers, able to measure the speed and direction of currents with increased accuracy in some of the harshest marine environments in the world. While the turbines produ... (read more)

Managing UXO Risk in Offshore and Renewables Projects

With the increase of offshore marine projects over the decades, demand for a cost-effective and efficient risk-based approach for the mitigation of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) has become a priority for offshore construction teams. From the numerous pro... (read more)

To Benefit from EU Funds

Offshore renewable energy is a sector with huge growth potential which economies all over Europe will benefit greatly from in the coming years. The EU has recognised this potential and is offering large funding opportunities for corporations and orga... (read more)

ROVs in Use for Renewables

The renewable energy sector is a significant user of Saab Seaeye underwater vehicles. Already the world’s largest manufacturer of electric ROVs, Saab Seaeye also has a range of autonomous and tethered AUV/ROV hybrid systems that will extend the... (read more)

Self-installing Wind Turbines

The Dutch company SPT developed a new foundation concept for offshore wind turbines in order to reduce the costs and environmental impact: a Self Installing Wind Turbine. The concept is based on a tripod with suction piles. As these foundations do no... (read more)
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