Deep Trekker ROV for High Arctic Research

Deep Trekker ROV for High Arctic Research

In March 2015, Dr Alex Nimmo Smith and Mr Peter Ganderton from the Plymouth University Marine Physics Research Group included a Deep Trekker DTG2 ‘Worker’ in the equipment that they took on a research trip to the Norwegian Arctic. The Deep Trekker ROV was supplied by Planet Ocean Ltd.

The Deep Trekker ROV was successfully operated through ice holes in water of -2°C, with tasks including the inspection of other instruments and providing a visual survey of the underside of the ice. A combination of slight positive buoyancy and the mounting of the optional crawler wheels on the top of the unit enabled stable driving along the underside of the ice in the frozen fjord.

The small self-contained, self-powered system was ideal for the intended operations. Since the team were operating close to the -5°C minimum, the DTG-2 was kept ‘warm’ in the water between deployments as the air temperature dropped to -26C. A grabber arm was also taken for recovery operations but fortunately not required.

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