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Hydrographic Society Russia 

Neva 2009

The 10th International Shipping, Shipbuilding, and Offshore Energy Exhibition ‘Neva 2009' was held in Saint Petersburg on 22-25 September. The first Neva Exhibition was organised in 1991. Over the years, the Exhibition - which shares its name with the Neva River flowing through St Petersburg - has grown from a modest branch fair to become one of the most eminent sea exhibitions in the world. It is one of the five largest exhibitions in the world devoted to the marine sector and it is the oldest Russian international marine exhibition. Nowadays, it is not only the largest exhibition platform, but also the centre of the hottest discussions. This year it drew more than 600 companies from 37 countries.

The new submissions at the Exhibition reflected the current spirit of the times. Here, for the first time, there were stands such as ‘Maintenance of shelf operations in Arctic regions', ‘Offshore Support' and ‘Professional training for the sea industry and reviving the Russian fleet'.

The Exhibition's programme also included the Second International Arctic Conference, as well as conferences and round table discussions on various aspects of shipbuilding, navigation, port activity and shelf development.

The purpose of the Exhibition and Conference was to demonstrate and promote products and services from Russian developers and manufacturers on the world market, to strengthen communications between national shipbuilders with Russian and foreign shipowners, and oil and gas companies, and to exhibit products and the latest developments from ship builders for development in Arctic regions.

As in previous years, Russian companies engaged in hydrographic research, data processing, and drawing and distributing charts and navigation manuals also took part.

For example, at the stand of Russian company Chart Pilot, headed by HSR member general director Mr Serguey Kuznetsov, it was possible to learn that the company offers a full range of hydrographic services at sea, in lakes and rivers, and prepares, corrects and delivers necessary nautical charts and any navigational publication to even the most remote consumer. At the same time, it offers collections of charts and publications of the Russian Federation, Great Britain, Australia and Norway.

In addition, long-time HSR member Mr Serguey Gubernatorov (Jeppesen Marine, St Petersburg) presented the electronic cartographic system dCart Office for preparing ENCs in S-57 edition 3 format, Inland ECDIS, and making and correcting paper charts.

Transas presented its developments in the area of safety at sea, river transport and objects of increased vulnerability. For the first time, realization of the concept e-navigation was shown.

With regard to professional training in the marine industry and reviving the Russian fleet, it was the first time that an official stand of the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy was present at the Exhibition, unfortunately without a section specifically on hydrography.


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