Hydrographic Society Russia

On 7 February 2013, HSR members and members of other ­public associations of St. Petersburg ­gathered at the Russian ­Geographical Society to view and discuss the documentary film ­Proryv (Breakthrough).

This film was made by some enthusiastic employees of the Estonian company AB Media Group. It is devoted to a tragic and heroic episode of the Second World War - the breakthrough of the blockade of Tallinn port and the passage of the big group of naval vessels of the USSR Baltic Fleet and civil vessels to Kronstadt on 28-29 August 1941. The group also included two hydrographic vessels: Hydrograph and Rulevoy.

During this passage on Finnish and German mines, 58 vessels sunk and more than 15,000 persons drowned. However, the basic forces of the Baltic Fleet managed to arrive at the port of Kronstadt to participate in defending Leningrad.

The hydrographic vessel Rulevoy also finished the passage safely. The captain of this vessel was ­lieutenant-commander Mikhail Khomutov. His daughter HSR member Svetlana Rybina and his grandson Vadim Rybin attended this meeting.

Producer of the film, Mr. Oleg ­Bessedin, described their work on the film. During the discussion one participant of this passage (92 years old) as well as representatives of public associations and children of participants of this heroic passage took part. All of them thanked the makers of the film for their work and the courage and heroism shown.

One of organisers of this meeting, HSR member Vasily Provorov, suggested that work be continued on the installation of a monument on Gogland island dedicated to the victims of this passage. He also suggested conducting hydrographic research to reveal undiscovered lost ships at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. An opportunity to assist in this work will be considered by the HSR Council.

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