Hydrography Seminar at the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute - 04/12/2013

Capt João Paulo Ramalho Marreiros, director-general assistant, Instituto Hidrográfico Portugal

The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute organised a seminar devoted to the ‘Contribution of Hydrography for the development and security of coastal countries’. The seminar welcomed 130 participants with representatives of the Portuguese Navy, Portuguese government departments, universities, industry and services, IHO and the hydrographic services of other countries.

The purpose of this event was to allow the exchange of ideas and experiences in hydrography and nautical cartography and strengthen the professional links between all participants. This was of special significance, since it coincided with the ­celebrations of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute’s 53th anniversary and took place the day after the 10th meeting of the Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC). The presentations and discussions focused on ­maritime safety and secur­ity, on the use of the sea for economic development, ocean governance, advantages of investment in hydrography, the future of education in hydrography and new equipment, products and services in the age of electronic navigation.

Among the many distinguished speakers was Professor David Wells, who was the guest speaker at the closing session. As a scientist, he has a long career in hydrography and satellite geodesy and is Professor Emeritus at the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Department at University of New Brunswick. He is currently still active, teaching hydrography courses at the Ocean Science Department of The University of Southern Mississippi. His presentation was about the ‘Past, present and future prospects for GNSS positioning at sea’.

The honours table at the closing session was headed by the Portuguese Secretary of State Assistant of the Minister and National Defence and also present was the Portuguese Chief of the Navy Staff.

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