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We create digital geospatial information to address the global, regional and local challenges of governments, engineers and policy makers. Our core mapping competence comes from mapping and monitoring aquatic environments worldwide, where we are established as a leading data provider EO Consultancy Large volumes of unstructured satellite and environmental data, limited budgets and tight deadlines do not always make for wise decisions. We can provide you with appropriate information and reports for your project. Our team of senior experts has provided consultancy services to clients ranging from industry and governmental agencies to international court tribunals. We provide secure, web-based portals to explore, query, request, visualise and analyse geospatial data. Our online data processing suite eoLytics offers customized in-house solutions for our clients. And EO Store provides clients with rapid access to our extensive archive of satellite derived data products worldwide. EO Software We can supply easy-to-use web-based software services to harness the terabytes of satellite-derived data recorded every single day. Our solutions are easy to use, highly operational, based on state-of-the-art methods and provide validated and proven data. EO Research & Development Research, innovation and an eagerness to expand the limits of modern Earth observation and geospatial analysis are in our blood. They are how our company started and to this day we are still investing in research and innovation. Not only does this allow us to improve our services and the quality of our data, but we are actively contributing to the understanding of our world’s environments. We are working with national and international organisations to develop new and interdisciplinary solutions.


Generate shallow-water bathymetric data globally, even in areas without access to on-site data with the world’s first and only state-of-the-art fully operationa...

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