Unlocking insights: hydrography’s role in advancing renewable energy offshore

Unlocking insights: hydrography’s role in advancing renewable energy offshore

Explore captivating interviews with three influential figures that focus on renewable energy and hydrography’s pivotal role in offshore development. Gain groundbreaking insights that you can’t afford to overlook, delve into the forefront of hydrographic advancements, and discover how the sector is shaping the future of renewable energy and ocean exploration. Read now to stay ahead and access these exclusive interviews!

Interview 1: Professor Ed Hill, CEO of the National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

Professor Ed Hill sheds light on the immense opportunities in renewables, exploring hydrography’s critical role in seafloor mapping, turbine siting and offshore infrastructure monitoring. Discover how hydrographers and ocean technologists are driving sustainability and unlocking the full potential of renewables and big data. Moreover, witness the compelling vision for a sustainable ocean economy, driven by public-private partnerships and climate change solutions.

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Interview 2: RDML Benjamin Evans, director of NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey

RDML Benjamin Evans oversees the mapping and charting of all US coastal waters, and he provides a candid perspective on the challenges in surveying remote areas and deploying cutting-edge technology. Gain valuable insights into the monumental task of surveying the vast US waters to modern standards, with a long way yet to go.

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Interview 3: Jamie McMichael-Phillips, director of The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project

Seabed 2030 nears its ultimate objective of mapping the entire seabed within seven years! Jamie McMichael-Phillips guides us through the project’s journey, actively seeking public and private datasets to achieve this ambitious goal. Stay updated on the project’s progress and its current status as it navigates through challenging waters.

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The vast oceans cover over two thirds of our planet and hold key solutions for the challenges we are facing. This underscores the pivotal role of hydrography and oceanology in exploring our mesmerizing underwater world. (Image courtesy: Seabed 2030)
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