Big Sister for Survey Vessel 'Javelin 22.22'

Braveheart Shipping, The Netherlands, has assigned Javelin International to build the 'Javelin 25.25', big sister to the 'Javelin 22.22' delivered in 2012. With this new seaworthy and multifunctional work vessel, Braveheart is further expanding its offshore services in the area of crew tendering and hydrographic and seismological research and survey activities. This Javelin will also be equipped with a gyro stabilisation system that ensures a stable position serving a dual purpose: the system decreases swaying so accurate measurements can also be made when waves are high. In addition, it ensures the crew to safely embark or disembark the vessel during a high... (read more)
2016-11-01 09:37:38

Technology in Focus: Bathymetric Lidar

With sea level rise and increases in the severity of extreme natural events, there has been a renewed push to further our understanding of the coastal zone. Fundamental to understanding risk in areas of high vulnerability is capturing the near-shore land and sea surface. Bathymetric Lidar is the most effective and cost-efficient technology to capture both the land and seafloor simultaneously to provide a continuous, detailed 3D elevation model along the coastline. Its ability to successfully capture elevation on both sides of the coastline, over areas stretching more than 100km along the coast, has made bathymetric Lidar the ‘gold standard’... (read more)
2016-10-19 10:46:47

BlueTEC Texel

A Floating Tidal Energy Platform Prototype
Traditional solutions for generating electricity from the tides, where tidal turbines are installed on the seabed, require high-end offshore installation vessels and do not allow for easy access for maintenance. The BlueTEC floating tidal energy platform has a different approach. It is a permanently moored platform which generates renewable electricity from tidal currents by holding a tidal turbine underneath. The BlueTEC Texel is the first prototype and serves as a demonstration platform and is being used for R&D testing purposes. The project was realised through a partnership between companies active in the maritime and offshore industry; Bluewater, Damen Shipyards, Van... (read more)
2016-08-25 12:03:44

Technology in Focus: Inertial Navigation Systems

Bridging the Positioning Gap
Inertial Navigation Systems (INSs) are a great help in applications where either position stability is of great importance or where bridging (small) positioning gaps is a requirement. To understand INS, imagine you are standing blindfolded in the centre of a long hallway. Then you start walking. You may proceed quickly at first, compensating as needed and covering ground with confidence. Eventually, however, you begin to lose your sense of alignment. This ability to successfully navigate when denied a visual frame of reference, even for a relatively short amount of time, represents our own basic human form of inertial navigation. An... (read more)
2016-08-25 11:33:17

Marine Asset Integrity Mapping

Using Multibeam Bathymetry, Topographic Laser Scanning & UAS Photogrammetry
Advances in marine & terrestrial scanning survey techniques together with precise inertial navigation sensors, multi-sensor acquisition systems and cost-effective UAS photogrammetry allow hydrographic surveyors to undertake high-precision marine asset integrity mapping. The benefit of this approach is that it produces a very accurate three dimensional digital elevation model that could be used as a baseline comparative survey to determine the long-term stability of sea walls and breakwater structures for engineering purposes. Marine GeoSolutions have extensive experience in acquiring combined multibeam bathymetry & topographic laser scanning datasets and partnered with Land Surveys to demonstrate the viability of this technology over a... (read more)
2016-07-26 10:25:46

University of Haifa Orders Leopard ROV

Israel’s University of Haifa has ordered a Saab Seaeye Leopard ROV.The Leopard will be a key resource for a new deep-sea research centre, which opened recently. The ROV will serve the entire marine research community in Israel through the national consortium of universities, colleges and government research institutes called the ‘Mediterranean-Sea Research Center of Israel’ (MERCI). The purchase was enabled thanks to the generous support of The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to the University of Haifa. The 3000 metre-rated Leopard will make the consortium the first entity in Israel to offer such a resource to anyone... (read more)
2016-07-19 09:36:39

Range of INSs for All AUV Types

With Phins C3, C5 & C7 range, iXblue is providing fully scalable systems that cover all inertial navigation needs for any size of AUV. Based on iXblue’s silent true solid state fibre-optic gyroscope technology, the Phins Compact Family guarantees high accuracy, unrivalled reliability and proved robustness. The iXblue’s Phins Compact Family has been designed to offer the AUV industry players the ability to choose an inertial navigation system adapted to their vehicle, whatever their size and mission, from accurate navigation to survey grade. Based on iXblue’s unique Fibre-Optic Gyroscope Technology, Phins C3, C5 & C7 are fully scalable systems with... (read more)
2016-06-16 01:54:24

Payload Upgrade for Bibby Tethra

In addition to performing planned five-year vessel maintenance, Bibby HydroMap has also upgraded a number of key systems on the 27.5m DP1 catamaran, Bibby Tethra. The most notable is the installation of a dual-head Kongsberg EM2040 multibeam echosounder, providing superior sounding density along track at a reasonable vessel speed. The single transmitted, dual receiver system allows surveying of up to 10 times water depth, thus matching the capability of the dual head Teledyne Reson 7125 on Bibby Athena. After being announced as the first buyers of Sonardyne's Mini-Ranger 2 USBL in April 2015, the high performance of the unit has... (read more)
2016-05-09 08:33:15

Lidar Bathymetry on the Alaskan North Slope

Inventory and Characterisation of More than 4,500 Shallow-water Bodies
In June 2014, the Bureau of Economic Geology, a research unit at the University of Texas at Austin, was contracted to conduct an airborne bathymetric Lidar survey on the Alaskan North Slope. The purpose of the project was to further determine, understand, and map the local landscape and thaw-lake attributes of an area west of the Dalton Highway and Sagavanirktok (Sag) River, approximately 30km southwest of Deadhorse, Alaska. Researchers from the Bureau had visited the area in 2012 and found bathymetric Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) to be an effective tool for measuring the area’s lakes. The group returned in... (read more)
2016-04-04 10:08:41

A Flooded Landscape Revealed

3D Hydrodynamic Model Developed for Sustainable Water Abstraction
During the last week of a hydrographic survey of Lough Derg, Ireland’s third largest lake, the remnants of a preserved flooded landscape were unveiled beneath the surface with each passing swath. In early 2015, Geomara was commissioned by the utility company, Irish Water, to undertake a bathymetry and side-scan sonar survey of Lough Derg as part of the planning and design process for the Water Supply Project, Eastern and Midlands Region. This project aims to find a new water source to supply the future needs of the Midlands and Greater Dublin Area.  Over the course of a typically wet and... (read more)
2016-04-04 10:00:41
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