Multi-Frequency Acoustic Doppler Profiler

Built to easily collect data in the most extreme flood and drought conditions, the next-generation Sontek/YSI RiverSurveyor S5 & M9 are used to collect velocity profiles, depth, and discharge data in canals, rivers and streams. It combines three instruments into one.     Multiple acoustic frequencies fused with precise bandwidth control make for the most robust and continuous shallow-to-deep channel measurements ever. Leading technologies such as Bluetooth, spread spectrum radio, and RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) GPS are all incorporated to elevate performance and expand utility.   With a press of a button on a mobile device, or from the convenience of... (read more)
2009-02-26 10:11:26

iXblue’s Sub-bottom Profiler Solution

Inland Survey
The need for lake & river surveys constantly increases as human activity expands in these areas. While navigation remains a main focus, nowadays other applications such as hydraulic construction inspection, biomass and resource control, pollution tracking or historical sedimentology represent a significant market share. This article has been brought to you by iXblue. Operational and technical challenges in this new type of inland survey often relate to difficulty of access to survey sites, significant constraints on equipment size and weight, energy, as well as the need for acquiring very high-resolution data with a limited crew. As iXblue strives to develop... (read more)
2017-10-10 09:54:39

Turbulence Profiler for Bergen University

Rockland Scientific, Canada, has been awarded a contract to deliver a VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler to the University of Bergen, Norway. The VMP-250 system includes a buoyancy collar and remote-controlled weight release mechanism, allowing the profiler to be operated in an uprising configuration. University of Bergen researcher Dr Ilker Fer, will deploy the VMP-250 during the Arctic summer 2014 to measure turbulence and mixing under drifting sea ice, as part of the project "On Thin Ice: Role of Ocean Heat Flux in Sea Ice Melt” funded by the Research Council of Norway. The objective of the project is to study the... (read more)
2014-02-07 09:56:50

WESP: Water and Strand Profiler

Vehicle for bad-weather and wave-zone survey
The Netherlands is bordered in the north and west by the North Sea. Twenty-six percent of the country’s landmass lies below sea level. Global warming will bring slow rises in sea level, whilst extensive draining off in the west of The Netherlands is resulting in a fall in ground level. Given this background it is easy to understand why one of the main goals of the Dutch government is to protect the country against floods. Here knowledge and insight is required regarding several morphological processes pertaining to the Dutch coast. Such knowledge is acquired by means of coastal studies; quantitative... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Current Profiler Boost For Ports And Terminals

Many new oceanographic product developments have emerged from the Bergen base of Aanderaa Data Instruments (AADI) over the last two years. The expanding usage of the RDCP600 Doppler current profiler for ship berthing applications is notable. A surface tracking feature, whereby vertical measuring zones (bins) can always be referenced to height below the surface, makes the RDCP600 suited for port, terminal and dockyard type installations where reference to vessel draft is essential.   In support of the RDCP600, but also applicable to other AADI products such as the Seaguard RCM single point current meter, is new browser based, real-time Data... (read more)
2009-03-31 12:36:12

Ice Profiler at LNG Terminal Site

The port of Gros Cacouna on the St Lawrence River downstream of Quebec City is the proposed site of an LNG offloading terminal. Trow Engineering, on behalf of TransCanada and Petro-Canada, hired ASL to collect and process current, wave and ice data at the proposed terminal location. From October through November 2004 an ADCP was moored on site and provided high quality current and wave data. The current data were supplemented by drogued drifter tracks collected by ASL’s project partner, Procean Environment Inc. In November an ASL Ice Profiler was added to the mooring to collect ice draft data over... (read more)
2005-02-07 12:00:00

GMGS Buys Atlas Parasound Sub-bottom Profiler

Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS) in China has awarded Atlas Hydrographic a contract to supply an Atlas Parasound hull-mounted sub-bottom profiler with full ocean depth range capability for its vessel Fen Dou 5. Delivery of the system is scheduled for February 2014. The system configuration consists of Atlas Parasound electronics, a pair of small-sized transducers, a transducer casing, Atlas Hydromap Control software for sensor steering and control, and Atlas Parastore software for data acquisition, storage and visualisation. The Parasound is a versatile sub-bottom profiler which is being operated by marine geologists on many research vessels around the globe. By making... (read more)
2013-11-19 02:42:22

Long-range Horizontal Acoustic Current Profiler

The new FlowQuest 600H long-range horizontal Acoustic Current Profiler precisely measures water velocities and water level in horizontally-oriented installations. It can be easily installed on an irrigation channel bank, a bridge abutment, a river bank or a fixed platform. The specified range of the system is 120 metres with velocity accuracy of 0.25% +/- 2 mm/s and surface tracking (water level) accuracy of 0.25% +/- 1 mm/s. With its capability of significantly longer range, high accuracy and highly competitive cost, the FlowQuest 600H system is a perfect choice for long-term real-time monitoring of flow, velocities and water levels in water... (read more)
2010-06-14 11:44:45

Acoustic Profiler Simplifies Suspended Sediment Measurements

The AQUAscat 1000LT acoustic profiler by Aquatec (UK) has been developed to make measurement of suspended sediment easier. The AQUAscat 1000LT observes profiles of suspended sediment concentration of up to 2.5m using multi-frequency acoustics. Profiling allows sediment dynamics such as re-suspension and entrainment to be explored, which is not possible with single point measurements. The instrument is supplied with user-friendly post-processing software that allows the mean particle size and concentration to be calculated from the acoustic backscatter output. The self-contained design and rechargeable battery make it easy to deploy and maintain. Suitable for use to 200m, the new AQUAscat can... (read more)
2016-02-16 08:35:59

Range Test 190 kHz Continental Current Profiler

The newly released 190 kHz Continental has been tested for profiling range and been found to 'hold up under pressure'. Commonly referred to as a 200m system, a production unit was deployed off the West Coast of Sweden in April, along with a 300 kHz WH. The instruments were deployed twice and the WH was tested both in standard mode and 'narrow band' mode for extra range. The results, although not trivial to interpret, show that the Continental achieves the stated 200m range even in the absence of strong scattering layers. The relative increase in range compared to the 300kHz... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00
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