Edgetech Sonar Training Seminar

EdgeTech, USA, will be holding its annual sonar training seminar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, from 24 to 26 September 2013. This course will cover sonar theory, operational training, system maintenance and post processing data for all of EdgeTech’s standard sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and combined systems. The format for the 3-day seminar includes two days of classroom instruction and one day at sea. Topics and systems to be addressed include the following: • 4125 Side Scan Sonar Shallow water side scan sonar operations • 4200 Side Scan Sonar Offshore multifaceted side scan sonar solutions • 3100 Sub-bottom Profiler Sub-bottom... (read more)
2013-08-13 03:41:00

Pipeline Survey with Acoustics

Directional Sub-bottom Profiler and Hydrophone Array
A method is presented which greatly increases the efficiency of pipeline survey using sediment echo sounder. These surveys are mostly done sailing cross courses; adding receiving directionality, a course can be sailed along the pipeline. This means 100% inspection of pipe coverage can be obtained in far less time than that required for cross-sailing survey. The receiving element is an array of sixteen hydrophones with optimal signal processing (Kalman filtering). The position and orientation of the transmitting transducer and receiving hydrophone array are also estimated, optimally using a Global Position System and a Motion Reference Unit. A sediment echo-sounder transducer... (read more)
2007-05-09 12:00:00

C- Surveyor III Completes Noble Energy Project

C&C Technologies recently completed a survey for Noble Energy utilising its new C-Surveyor III AUV. The C-Surveyor III completed the 81NM survey in the Gulf of Mexico with water depths ranging from 4100 to 4700 feet. C&C’s new 4500-metre C-Surveyor III AUV includes a multibeam echosounder, chirp side scan sonar, chirp sub-bottom profiler and CTD system. The customised sub-bottom profiler on board is outfitted with narrow transmit and receive beams to permit significantly deeper seabed penetration.  In addition to the sub-bottom profiler, a customised Dynamically Focused (DF) sidescan sonar system provides five times more resolution than traditional systems used on other... (read more)
2007-04-27 09:06:42

Teledyne RESON Acquires Business From ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC

Teledyne RESON A/S from Denmark has announced that its German subsidiary, Teledyne RESON GmbH, has acquired assets of ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC, Germany, and that the business, product lines and a number of employees from ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC GmbH are now part of the Teledyne Marine Acoustics Imaging group. ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC specialises in high-performance deep-water hydrographic survey solutions for the civil market. The product portfolio consists of deep-water Multibeam Echosounders, Parametric Sub Bottom Profilers that from now on will be sold under the product line name Teledyne ATLAS Hydrographic. According to Kim Lehmann, President, Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group and Teledyne RESON Group,... (read more)
2014-08-26 04:17:11

Ross Laboratories 4900

Ross Laboratories has introduced an integrated side-scan Sonar/sub-bottom profiler survey system. The portable modular design allows the user to configure a system that will best suit their requirements. Housed in two rugged Pelican cases, the system is ideal for surveyors traveling to remote areas using small local vessels.   Three versions are available. Each one can be configured for both side-scan and sub-bottom or one system only. The second system can easily be added at a later date.   Model 4901 is a complete system  housed in two splash-proof portable cases. The main display controller has a 12 inch 1000nit... (read more)
2008-01-07 09:44:56

S-Boom Technology for Fugro

Fugro Survey (Middle East) Ltd has ordered Applied Acoustics' S-Boom sub-bottom profiling system for its geophysical survey operations based out of Abu Dhabi (UAE). Developed for shallow-water, ultra-high resolution surveys, the S-Boom system had been undergoing extensive trials with Fugro during the late summer of 2011 before being accepted and selected at the end of that year.     S-Boom sub bottom profiling systems combine the power of three modified boomer plates to provide a single pulse, driven by a single source power supply. The fusion of these three transducers delivers a source level high enough to significantly increase sub-bottom... (read more)
2012-01-23 10:56:33

C- Surveyor III AUV for Gulf of Mexico Delivery

The delivery of C-Surveyor III, C & C Technologies third AUV, is scheduled for October 2007. C & C and Kongsberg Maritime recently performed sea trails and installed C & C’s latest version of its "Advanced Survey Payload" in Norway. C & C plans on using the C-Surveyor III, in addition to C-Surveyor II, to perform deepwater Gulf of Mexico AUV surveys and allow the company to promptly service domestic clients. The 4500-meter C-Surveyor III AUV will include a multibeam echosounder, chirp side scan sonar, chirp sub-bottom profiler, CTD system and a methane detector. The Edgetech DW106 sub-bottom profiler on... (read more)
2006-09-28 12:00:00

Live On-water Ixsea Demonstration

Industry professionals could familiarise themselves with the latest technology available in the Ixsea underwater acoustic and navigation equipment range during Ocean Business 2011 in Southampton, UK.   Directly after departure, the Ixsea Echoes 5000 was launched, a range of wide-band chirp sub-bottom profilers capable of generating from very low frequencies and deep penetrations up to very high resolution frequencies. The system is based on more than ten years of sub-bottom experience. The Echoes sub-bottom profiler was mounted on the towed body, but could also be mounted on a pole if required.   During the survey Ixsea representatives also demonstrated the... (read more)
2011-04-07 10:15:50

Teledyne RESON from Mid-ocean to Full-ocean Depth

Back in 2014 Teledyne RESON acquired the business from ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC GmbH. Since then Teledyne RESON has integrated the acquired ATLAS Hydrographic business and its multibeam echosounders into the Teledyne RESON business and our suite of deepwater echosounders. The brands, HydroSweep and ParaSound are now being developed, manufactured and serviced out of the Teledyne RESON business entities. The products are marketed and sold under the Teledyne RESON brand name. Teledyne RESON’s high-performance deep-water hydrographic survey offerings are available in a number of different configurations ranging from mid-ocean depth to full-ocean depth performance. The industry brands are: HydroSweep Multibeam Echosounders: Key... (read more)
2016-08-08 01:18:37

New Parametric Sounder from Atlas Hydrographic

Atlas Hydrographic has introduced a new parametric multibeam sub-bottom profiling system, Parasound DS-3. The highest performance parametric system of its type presently available, it provides very precise high-resolution sub-bottom and water column data from 10m to full-ocean depth. Parasound DS-3 is capable of sediment penetration in excess of 200m while sampling data at up to 50 kHz frequency at all depths down to 10,000m. Digital pulse modulation ensures optimum signal-to-noise ratios, with Chirp and Barker code modulations as standard features and customised pulse modulation also available. A multi-pulse function permits transmission and receipt of up to 13 self-contained pulses within... (read more)
2004-07-23 12:00:00
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