Remote HDB Chart Masters

IIC Technologies has been selected by the UK Hydrographic Office to provide Hydrographic Database (HDB) services. IIC will help populate the UKHO's hydrographic database using secure, remote connection technology.     From this seamless, harmonised database, IIC will then remotely produce HDB paper chart masters which are then used by the UKHO to produce paper charts. The program focuses on two of IIC's core capabilities: CARIS HPD and Citrix remote connectivity expertise. The two year contract has an option to extend for a further three years.     (read more)
2009-08-21 02:11:00

Enterprise GIS for Royal Thai Navy

The Hydrographic Department, Royal Thai Navy (HDRTN) implemented an enterprise production system in early 2014. The enterprise geographic information system (GIS) will enhance the management and provision of spatial data holdings and streamline the exchange of marine spatial data between the hydrographic surveying division and cartographic division of HDRTN. It will also allow the department to efficiently produce new products and maintain the existing product portfolio, which includes 79 charts covering Thai waters and 44 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) for the main shipping routes. These key aspects will increase HDRTN capabilities for continued safe navigation and support sustainable development of... (read more)
2014-07-29 11:04:43

GIS Engine SDK

AvisMap has launched GIS Engine a SDK designed for custom GIS applications. It facilitates custom development of GIS solutions and applications. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX) controls which support Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Visual C++ and other ActiveX compatible programming languages, with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6, 2003, 2005, and Express.   AvisMap Gis Engine Supports .NET via COM. The SDK is appropriate for the development of enterprise level, multi-user user GIS solutions using SQL database map layers. The SDK supports the storage and access of vector map and image data in three SQL database formats: a) the proprietary... (read more)
2008-06-13 09:43:44

Encouraging Uptake for E-CMID

The use of e-CMID, the online version of the International Marine Contractors Association's (IMCA) Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID), and nearing the end of its first four weeks in operation has exceeded all expectations. The online version is free of charge to users, whether or not they are IMCA members.     "In the first 27 days we saw just over 500 users register," explains Hugh Williams, Chief Executive of IMCA. "From the three user groups, they represent 46 vessel operators, 39 clients, 35 combined operators/clients, and 48 inspection companies (including 30 sole inspectors). The vessel operators account for 127... (read more)
2009-12-24 08:53:27

Change in Concept of Operation of IMCA’s CMID System

In an effort to reduce the burden of over-auditing at IMCA vessel operators, the organisation intends to improve the integrity and quality of its Common Marine Inspection Document system (CMID) by adopting a greater degree of oversight of the system. This will enable greater cooperation with the Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID). The Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) scheme is already proving successful and changes will be made that ensure that by January 2018 only AVIs are able to use the eCMID database and only eCMID reports, rather than paper versions, will be recognised by IMCA as a formal report. IMCA’s technical... (read more)
2016-06-21 08:22:31

HIPS and SIPS 8.0 Featuring Water Column Data Supplementation

CARIS has released CARIS HIPS and SIPS 8.0. HIPS and SIPS offers a single solution for bathymetry, seafloor imagery and water column data processing. The new release includes some significant enhancements, such as the continued implementation of water column data processing allowing the data to be supplemented into the bathymetry, the redesigned calibration tools in Subset Editor and the new HIPS project database allowing for faster open times and multi-user access. Following the introduction of water column data processing in HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1, the continued development in HIPS and SIPS 8.0 allows users to supplement the bathymetry in existing... (read more)
2013-04-04 09:20:10

ADAM Operational in the Gulf of Mexico

Shell's new water current data acquisition and display system is now operational in the Gulf of Mexico. The ADCP Data Acquisition Manager (ADAM), designed and built by Fugro GEOS, allows users to have real-time access over the Internet to data from Shell's RDI ADCPs (acoustic Doppler current profilers) deployed in the Gulf and, eventually, anywhere in the world. Shell has a large number of platform-based ADCP systems in the Gulf of Mexico but, until now, integration and storage of collected data was a manual process. ADAM automates this process and centralizes the ADCP data into an SQL database. In addition,... (read more)
2004-04-01 12:00:00

NECSA Europe

A new, non-profit Foundation is in the process of being formed in Holland, under the leadership of Vice Admiral Joost van Aalst (Ret.), formerly the Hydrographer of Holland. This organisation will be formed in time to provide support for a number of activities resulting from the new ECS database standard, the first of which will be qualification of auditors to perform compliance testing of the provisions for the new standard. Secondly, NECSA Europe will be in a position to advise and support shipping companies, vessel operators and maritime regulatory authorities in the application of the database standard to ECS installations... (read more)
2003-10-25 12:00:00

Source Data Management

The potential for hydrographic information in the holdings of today’s Hydrographic Offices (HOs) extends far beyond its classical use: the production of charts and nautical publications to ensure safety of navigation. Historically, HOs have collected far more data and information than has ever been published in charts and nautical publications. Since the establishment of the first Hydrographic Offices more than three centuries ago, a sensible archiving system has been sufficient for the management of source data. However, the move into the digital era and extension of the mission and objectives of HOs are changing the requirements for and possibilities of... (read more)
2008-01-01 01:00:00

Teledyne CARIS Software Selected to Enable Major Government Project in Africa

Teledyne CARIS has announced they will be delivering a full software solution to the South African Navy Hydrographic Office. The solution, provided through Teledyne CARIS’ official distributor Unique Group, includes software that will be implemented as part of a larger project to be executed by Southern African Shipyards (SAS) where a new hydrographic survey vessel is being built. Three additional survey motor boats are also slated for manufacture, all of which will be equipped with HIPS and SIPS to process acquired hydrographic data. During the project, the shore based South African Navy Hydrographic Office will be refurbished and Bathy DataBASE... (read more)
2019-03-25 11:09:03
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