Australasian Hydrographic Society

On 19 June, approximately 40 members of the New Zealand region of the Hydrographic Society gathered in Auckland for what is now our annual celebration of World Hydrography Day. The format is well established and consists of a series of short presentations from members, a field trip, lunch and finally the AGM.

There were 8 interesting 20-minute presentations from members covering subjects such as surveying related to the recent shipwreck of MV Rena at the approaches to the Port of Tauranga and in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, pilot navigation systems, creation of current ENCs for large ports and Government policy related to national hydrographic charting.

The field trip was a narrated coach trip and than a boat cruise around the Port of Auckland operations. The Port of Auckland is the major port for New Zealand and is challenged with having a relatively complex channel that pilots are required for.

The seminar again proved to be a great opportunity for the members to share professional experiences and also have a chance to catch up with their colleagues, especially as the last 12 months have been particularly busy for the NZ hydro community.

It was noted that the AGM included discussions on the issue of hydrographic training and the development of the profession now that there is no CAT A course currently available in Australasia.

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