Flying ROV systems

In the test tank of the Southampton University different companies were showing the smooth operation of their equipment.   'It's always hard to push it in', commented the SeaEye's ROV operator who happened to be demonstrating his device at the moment of Hydro International's visit.   (read more)
2009-04-02 01:35:24

AC-ROV Options

AC-CESS has successful launched a suite of new vehicle options. During Ocean Business 2009 (Southampton, UK) an USBL positioning and tracking system, thickness gauge and variable intensity laser scaling system was demonstrated.     Visitors were encouraged to fly the AC-ROV in the stand demonstration tank, while successful dockside demonstrations of the new AC-ROV High Performance Thruster (HPT) where carried out.  The HPT offers greater vehicle speed, power and excursion capability without compromise of control or stability. The HPT will be fitted to all new build AC-ROVs as standard and is available as a straight change-out component to all existing... (read more)
2009-04-27 10:54:04

DeepWorks Electric ROV Version

Fugro has developed a new version of its DeepWorks ROV simulator for the Saab Seaeye family of electric ROVs, supporting console integration of the Seaeye Tiger, Lynx, Cougar XT and Panther XT/XT Plus models. To cater for the training needs of a mixed fleet of ROVs, Fugro Operating Companies in UK, Singapore, UAE, Brazil and Australia will be the first to benefit as an enhanced set of training configurations is rolled out across the company. DeepWorks now allows rapid building and evaluation of new electrical ROV configurations, helping operators find the best arrangement and mountings for cameras, sonar and tooling... (read more)
2012-11-27 03:54:42

Canyon Offshore ROV Contract

Perry Slingsby Systems (PSS) has secured a contract to supply two new generation Triton XLX ROV systems and one Triton XLS ROV system to Canyon Offshore. The agreement will see PSS deliver two of the 3,000m systems this summer with the final system delivered before the end of the year.   Each TXLX system features the ICE control system (Integrated Controls Engine) and a standard suite of survey and advanced tooling interfaces. ICE is the latest generation of subsea control system that provides an intuitive front end user interface with unparalleled system level diagnostics.     (read more)
2008-04-07 02:44:28

AC-ROV Concept Vehicle

Ac-cess and their engineering partners at All Oceans (UK) have been researching, developing and testing materials and components leading to development of the AC-ROV concept video camera and sensor platform. This has six thrusters, all identical, to give the operator all the viewing control that will ever be needed. Four full-bore vectored horizontal thruster units give equal forward, sideways and pan control, whilst two vertical units give powerful up, down and pitch control. A one handed (left or right) 5-axis controller makes for a very simple and versatile operator interface. Flight Freeze is a further feature that may be selected,... (read more)
2004-03-03 12:00:00

ROV Cylinders and Manipulators

Hydro-Lek (UK) will be showcasing the HLK 14000 series of new compact hydraulic cylinders which have been designed to be extremely lightweight, compact and versatile. Manufactured out of hard-anodised aluminium, the cylinders are suited for subsea applications where weight and durability are of importance.   With four bore sizes ranging from 10 to 25mm and piston rod diameters of 6 to 16mm, Hydro-Lek’s 14000 cylinder series offers high performance at a standard nominal working pressure of 210 bar. All sizes are available with varying stroke lengths and three industry standard mounting options: the Rear Eye Mount, the Nose Thread Mount... (read more)
2011-04-05 11:51:01

Videoray Pro 4 ROV

The new VideoRay PRO 4 ROV is the latest model in the top of the line Professional series and offers a deeper depth rating, hydrodynamic improvements, brushless thrusters and much better camera and lighting compared to its ancestors. New sensors, including a 3D compass and MEMs gyro have improved navigational capabilities.   The primary video camera features ultra-low light and Wide Dynamic Range, and coupled with the very high intensity LED lighting, the video camera can capture far clearer footage and stills, particularly in difficult lighting conditions.   (read more)
2009-05-12 02:13:03

Distributors AC-ROV

AC-CESS has signed three more distribution contracts across the world for its AC-ROV: with Bill Bulloch of Australia, Iter company in France and Henna Marine in India. (read more)
2005-10-15 12:00:00

Ultraheavy-duty ROV Sales

Schilling Robotics has sold two additional Schilling UHD ultraheavy-duty hydraulic ROVs to Geoconsult AS of Bergen, Norway, for delivery in March 2006. This order followed quickly upon Geoconsult’s initial September order for two UHD systems. Like the first systems ordered, these additional systems will feature 150shp and can operate at depths up to 4,000 meters. The systems will be delivered with features including Schilling’s new Digital Telemetry System, automatic control functions such as StationKeep, and Schilling’s new XE hydraulic TMS, with over 800 metres of tether. Geoconsuelt has also taken an option for four additional UHD systems. (read more)
2005-12-05 12:00:00
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