RIEGL Presents BathyCopter at Intergeo 2015

On the first day of Intergeo, RIEGL, Austria, showcased its latest development in UAS-based laser scanning: the RIEGL BathyCopter. This is a small-UAV-based surveying system capable of measuring through the water surface, ideally suited for generating profiles of rivers or water reservoirs. The robust and reliable platform design integrates the topo-bathymetric green laser depth-meter, an IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit and a digital camera. Additional news from the airborne side: RIEGL announced the introduction of the VQ-880-G Topo-Bathymetric Airborne Laser Scanning System now equipped with an optional infrared channel to supplement the data acquired by the green laser... (read more)
2015-09-15 02:53:10

SBG Systems Unveils Qinertia INS/GNSS Post-processing Software

SBG Systems has taken a major step in the surveying industry by unveiling Qinertia, its in-house post-processing software, at the Ocean Business show (UK). After the survey, this full-feature software gives access to offline RTK corrections, and can process inertial and GNSS raw data to further enhance accuracy and secure the survey. Whether the survey is made from a car, a UAV, a plane or a vessel, Qinertia Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) software will secure and enhance the acquisition. Complete INS/GNSS Post-Processing Software After the mission, Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in... (read more)
2017-04-04 12:29:27

RIEGL LiDAR 2015: Abstracts Sought

The RIEGL LiDAR 2015 user conference will be held from 5-7 May 2015 in Hong Kong and Thursday 7-8 May in Guangzhou (Canton), China. RIEGL is putting together the agenda for RIEGL LiDAR 2015, proving the broad usage of RIEGL Lidar equipment in applications such as airborne scanning, bathymetry, UAV scanning and more. Users are invited to submit abstracts. Professionals who are interested in presenting at the Hong Kong and/or Guangzhou conferences should submit their abstracts by 31 January 2015. RIEGL will be unveiling brand new products and major software updates during RIEGL LiDAR 2015 to its international community. A... (read more)
2014-12-08 10:18:41

International Conference on Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Synthetic Aperture Radar

Acoustics Group of the Institute of Acoustics, in association with the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society of the IEEE, is organising an International Conference on Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Synthetic Aperture Radar. The conference will be held from 11-12 September 2006, at Villa Marigola in Lerici, Italy. The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum to compare work on systems, processing techniques and examples of results, with the intention of stimulating new ideas in both domains. Particular themes of the conference include, but are not restricted to: synthetic aperture from autonomous vehicles (AUVs and UAVs) processing algorithms non-cooperative... (read more)
2006-07-26 12:00:00

Abstract Submission for ILMF

International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), which will take place in Denver, Colorado, USA, from 23 to 25 February 2015, has announced a Call for Papers and invites any interested parties to submit their abstracts by 1 September 2014 online. The ILMF Advisory Board will review each abstract and the final program will be announced in November 2014. Topics include: •        Data acquisition - Airborne, Terrestrial and Bathymetric LIDAR •        LIDAR point clouds - in parallel to LIDAR •        Data fusion and processing technologies •        Developments in data classification and GIS modeling •        Industry issues •        Mobile mapping and survey •       ... (read more)
2014-07-25 10:02:26

Geo-matching.com Adds Underwater Cameras

Geo-matching.com has recently added UnderWater Cameras to its broad spectrum of product categories. SubseaTech is the first supplier in this category with the UVS100RL. In addition to general specifications, detailed information is given about console hardware and camera characteristics connectivity. Geo-matching.com is an independent geomatic and hydrographic product comparison website featuring detailed spec-based comparisons and user reviews for more than 925 products in 37 product categories. The website guides users through the maze of specifications and gives them the opportunity to compare products from different suppliers. They can also read other professionals’ reviews in order to reach a balanced judgment before buying. ... (read more)
2015-07-24 09:30:00

Optech at AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2015

Optech (Canada) will be exhibiting its latest Lidar and imaging solutions at the Unmanned Systems 2015 Conference in Atlanta, USA, from 4-7 May 2015 at the Teledyne Stand 2311. Optech's solutions include a fully implemented Lidar/camera workflow for UAV operations, as well as other bathymetric, airborne, mobile and stationary sensors. Optech will be showcasing the Optech Titan, the world’s first commercial multispectral airborne Lidar, which accomplishes highly automated land classification using its separate 532, 1064, and 1550nm laser channels, and even performs combined topographic/bathymetric mapping down to a depth of 15m in clear conditions. Coastal Monitoring and Detection Visitors who... (read more)
2015-04-30 11:31:13

Optech to Host Lidar Solutions Conference

The second Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference (ILSC) will be held in Toronto, Canada, from 31st May to 3rd June 2011. An initial call for presentations has been issued. ILSC 2011 represents a forum for industry professionals to discuss best practices and explore real-world Lidar solutions. Topics of special interest will include new methods for maximising project accuracies, application-specific sensor designs and exploring the challenges of delivering data to a dynamic spatial-information marketplace. The broad acceptance of Lidar data as an essential tool for 3D modelling, mapping and analysis is fostering expanded use into new application spaces, including railway asset management... (read more)
2010-11-16 09:57:39

Delivery of Japan’s First Long-term Ocean Observation Network

Liquid Robotics, USA, and its Japanese partner, Hydro Systems Development (HSD), have successfully delivered the first fleet of Wave Gliders to the Japan Coast Guard. Liquid Robotics and HSD will assist the Japan Coast Guard in deploying eight Wave Gliders for a multi-year mission providing autonomous observation and situational awareness of ocean currents, wave activity and weather along Japan’s coastlines. This is the first ocean observation network in Japan’s history that will provide comprehensive and economical monitoring of Japan’s ocean conditions. Wave Gliders are long-duration, environmentally friendly ocean-going unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) that collect and communicate real-time ocean data without using... (read more)
2016-08-04 10:39:39

Expansion of Long-term Deep-sea Observatory in Arctic

Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) are setting out with the research vessel Polarstern towards Spitsbergen, to use newly developed equipment in the Arctic Ocean. Autonomous instruments on the seabed, in the water column and in the air will complement the long-term measurements of the deep-sea research group. In this way researchers can analyse the climatic changes in the Arctic and their impact on the fauna in the future with higher temporal and spatial resolution. For the first time, the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Tramper will be set on its own for... (read more)
2016-06-13 12:03:44
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