Integrating UAS and Multibeam Echosounder Data

Creating a 3D Landscape Model of a Gravel Quarry in Germany
Knowing the volume of material present in a gravel quarry can make the difference between profit and loss. A gravel quarry in Hartheim am Rhein, southwest Germany, is partially covered by artificial lakes. To determine the volumes of the above-water gravel dumping grounds and to map the bottoms of the lakes, high-precision data captured by an unmanned aerial system (UAS) was combined with multibeam echosounder data obtained by boat. Read the full article for a description of acquisition of the two types of data, how they were integrated and the benefits for the mining company. A gravel quarry is associated with diggers, rough... (read more)
2016-04-25 10:08:32

Important Rescue During New Multibeam Echosounder Test

The inspection vessel Ejnar Mikkelsen from the Royal Danish Navy recently tested a new multibeam echosounder (MBES) during a hydrographic survey, and also experienced that it was very helpful in a rescue operation. As Ejnar Mikkelsen was in the process of conducting hydrographic surveys west of the Kok Islands close to Nuuk, it was contacted by the local police who needed help for a rescue assignment in the inner part of the fjord at Nuuk. Two teenage girls had been reported missing after a fishing trip. The vessel Ejnar Mikkelsen tested the SeaBat 7111 MBES system in Greenland waters. The... (read more)
2014-11-21 07:00:00

Multi-phase Echosounder Added to STR’s Rental Inventory

Subsea Technology and Rentals Ltd (STR) has increased its portfolio of rental equipment with the acquisition of EdgeTech’s 6205, a swath bathymetry and dual frequency sidescan sonar system which utilises next-generation bathymetric technology. The EdgeTech 6205, a multi-phase echosounder (MPES) produces real-time, high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) maps of the seafloor while providing co-registered simultaneous dual frequency sidescan imagery. The 6205 uses ten receive element transducers and one discrete transmit element. The high number of channels enables superior rejection of multipath effects, reverberation and acoustic noise commonly encountered in the shallow water survey environment. Utilising EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum technology, the 6205 exceeds IHO... (read more)
2015-10-12 11:15:52

On-water Demos of EdgeTech 6205 Multi-phase Echosounder

EdgeTech is conducting on-water demonstrations of the EdgeTech 6205 multi-phase echosounder (MPES) continuously throughout Ocean Business 2017. The system provides 200-degree IHO-quality bathymetric coverage and co-registered simultaneous dual-frequency sidescan sonar data. EdgeTech’s 6205 next-generation technology increases efficiency and safety for traditional shallow-water multibeam users. Demonstrations will be conducted on board the New Life II. There is space available for some of the remaining demos. Interested delegates can register at the EdgeTech booth (B9) to join. Each outing takes approximately one hour. Wednesday 5 April: 09:30-11:00-12:30-14:00-15:30 Thursday 6 April: 09:30-11:00-12:30-14:00-15:30 (read more)
2017-04-04 03:45:42

MB2 Multibeam Echosounder for Fast Mobilisation on Smaller Vessels

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, USA, has announced the launch of the MB2, the first product since the MB1 introduction in 2012. The MB2 multibeam echosounder is developed for fast mobilisation on smaller vessels and is optimised for shallow-water survey companies, port and harbour authorities, dredging companies and other users looking for an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, high-resolution system. As an option, MB2 can be supplied with an integrated GNSS-aided INS powered by Applanix’ POS MV WaveMaster engine, as well as an integrated real-time SVP sensor to simplify installation and calibration, making the MB2 perfect for use on vessels of opportunity, small survey launches... (read more)
2015-04-13 08:36:00

Six RTK CEESCOPE Echosounder Systems for Australian Navy

Hydrographic echosounder manufacturer CEE HydroSystems recently completed the delivery of several CEESCOPE 200kHz singlebeam echosounder survey systems for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) hydrographic group based in Cairns, Australia. The CEESCOPE ultra-compact waterproof singlebeam 200kHz sonar systems were supplied with built-in RTK GNSS receivers, UHF radio and activated L-Band subscription differential corrections to give the RAN surveyors flexibility in terms of their satellite positioning solution. Replacing their existing and ageing CEEDUCER echo sounders, the CEESCOPE units will be used for near shore littoral Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) surveys. For example, a REA may be needed to facilitate safe navigation of a... (read more)
2016-05-20 11:02:02

Methane Emission Seafloor Project Benefits from Multibeam Echosounder

With the increasing concern about global warming, there is a strong focus on methane emissions from the seafloor. Indeed, today large quantities of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – are trapped within the seafloor in the form of so-called gas hydrates, solid ice-like deposits which are only stable at particular conditions of high pressure and low temperature. Since only a small volume of methane currently bubbles up into the ocean, the quantity reaching the atmosphere is not threatening, despite its greenhouse effect. However, there is a concern that, as the temperature of oceans rises, the seafloor methane hydrate deposits will... (read more)
2018-09-03 09:29:07

Kongsberg Presents Shallow to Medium-depth Multibeam Echosounder

Kongsberg Maritime has introduced a multibeam echosounder designed for survey and inspection operations in shallow and medium water depths. The new Kongsberg EM 712 multibeam echosounder is the second generation of wideband multibeam for these water depths. Delivering highly accurate results through superior range and resolution to all relevant survey standards, the EM 712 supersedes the EM 710. All users of the EM 710 will be offered an upgrade path, making it easy for them to integrate the EM 712 into their operations. The EM 712 is based on a flexible hardware platform enabling several performance enhancing features. One of... (read more)
2015-12-09 04:09:14

Greenland Climate Research Centre Invests in Multibeam Echosounder

The Greenland Climate Research Centre will be taking delivery in early 2018 of a Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50-R extended-range high-resolution multibeam sonar. The sonar will be hull-mounted on R/V 'Sanna'. R/V 'Sanna' operates as a research vessel on the West Greenland coast, collecting valuable data about Greenland’s marine resources and oceanographic environment. The Greenland Climate Research Centre is a part of Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and the researchers will utilise the Seabat T50-R ER capabilities to map seabed topography and marine habitats in the 200-800m deep waters of the Greenland shelf. The SeaBat T50-R Extended Range builds on the market leading SeaBat T-series, which is designed... (read more)
2017-11-22 09:14:42

Singlebeam Echosounder Improves Range Resolution and Installation Flexibility

Kongsberg Maritime, Norway, has released the fifth generation of its singlebeam echosounder designed for shallow to medium-depth waters and for hull-mounted sidescan systems. The EA 440 supersedes the EA 400 singlebeam platform with the addition of a new wideband transceiver (WBT) which facilitates much more flexible installation and operation. The WBT unit in the EA 440 covers all frequencies and comes with a complete new topside software with a number of new and improved features. The system now uses FM Chirp as the transmit pulse, which offers longer range from less power, resulting in a much higher range resolution. Re-engineered very low... (read more)
2016-01-04 02:07:17
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