C-Nav RTK-Extend - 15/12/2010

C-Nav has launched RTK Extend for the C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver. RTK Extend ensures uninterrupted RTK observations in the event of short term communication loss between base station and rover. By eliminating annoying communications breaks due to obstructions, interruptions to line-of-sight, trees and other physical interference, RTK Extend ensures maximum production rates with minimum downtime.

RTK Extend is ideal for measurements in high-risk activities or situations demanding continuous uninterrupted measurement and extreme accuracy counts.

RTK Extend technology exploits the worldwide availability of C-Nav's PPP Corrections Service to compute simultaneously both RTK and C-Nav Real Time GNSS corrections. In the event of a RTK communications outage, the C-Nav3050 rover maintains RTK accuracies using the C-Nav RTG signals along with RTK Extend for up to fifteen minutes until normal communications with the RTK base station are restored.

Last updated: 06/04/2020